Election Update!

A Race

Well as most of you know there is an election race going on right now to pick our local United Conservative Party candidate in this riding, the Lac Ste Anne Parkland riding. I have been watching this race and the candidates that are running. The candidates, Barbara Costache located NW of Acheson, Dale Johnson located in Rich Valley area, Everett Normandeau located in Calahoo, Leah Wood located just south of Entwistle and Jerry Molnar located in Spring Lake. I am sad to say that the only candidate that thought it necessary to door knock or make phone calls in the area west of Cherhill was Leah Wood. Not one of the other candidates that I have listed above made any sort of appearance in our area that I am aware of. Perhaps we are too small and they did not feel we were worth it.

Unnecessary Negativity

I am a UCP member and I have had the thrill of being able to watch the emails and ads in papers. The negative ads that really in my mind have no business being a part of politics. The big headline is that 2 of the candidates in this riding do not actually live in this riding. In fact I have checked, they are just barely outside the riding and they do most of their business and day to day living within the riding. I even saw one comment that one of the members bought a post office box in the riding to say that’s where she gets her mail. Hogwash! Petty bull crap from really negative people. First the rules of the party state that they do not have to live in the riding to run in the riding! Second, I was taught to treat people the way I would expect to be treated. With respect for starters.

So candidates in the riding, I really don’t know that you would be the best pick for this job because you lack integrity in my eyes for treating others around you so badly. Are these the people you want representing you in the Alberta government. Have we not had enough of that to last us a lifetime already! I really don’t think it matters a damn what side of the tracks we live on. That is not what our reputation should be based on. You need to pick your candidate based on what sort of job you think they will do. I don’t care if they live beside you. That’s not a reason to vote for them. Do you think they are honest, or are they blowing a cloud of smoke at you? Do they have respect for the folks around them or are they rude and arrogant because they think they are better? There is already enough arrogance in government thanks! Are they committed, do they have time in their lives to take on this kind of responsibility? Are they experienced or maybe they are not but they are filled with fresh ideas?

Be Informed!

Please take the time to consider who you are voting for. Read the member emails and see who is naughty and who is nice. Who is playing fair and who is out for blood.

Make your own choice and do not be railroaded by candidates, neighbors, ratepayers assoc. or anyone else. The three candidates who live in this riding seem to have trouble playing nice . The people of this riding need to pay close attention to that behaviour because I sure don’t think it makes them worthy of representing me!

Editorial Point of View

Responses to July 2018 Editorial

I am responding to your editorial in the last issue. You are right on in your comments. I have said similar things for years. People just don’t seem to care. There is a whole different attitude towards this govt by people in eastern  Canada. I have been unfriended on Facebook and unfollowed by relatives and friends ,even called a racist. None of my comments were  even close to being racist. If they were Facebook would have let me know. I spoke the truth ,just like you have. The eastern media especially the CBC will not  report anything negative about our current govt.. I have lived through many liberal governments and they are pretty much all the same. If you speak out against the current immigration decisions you will be called uncanadian  by Trudeau himself. I applaud you  Jill for your  views   ~ Mark Boon; Roydale

Read your editorial in your July paper. Was so impressed as this is exactly what our friends and us discuss all the time. I would like your permission to forward this to our local paper and our MLA and MP and any one else I can think of. Thank you for your honest opinion. ~ Maggie Morin; Spruce Grove

Thanks for the responses folks!

Now let’s get down to the business of this months editorial! So a week or so ago a guy walks down a busy street filled with restaurants and cafes in Greektown, Toronto. And proceeded to open fire into the businesses killing two and wounding 13 more. As alarming as that is, what is also alarming to me was that I was not as mortified and grief stricken as I should have been. There is so much of this sort of thing today that I was just not. I was like “What! Your kidding, that’s awful!” but I feel there should have been a bigger outpouring.

When the Humboldt hockey team had their terrible accident we were all grief stricken and that was as we should be. There was an outpouring of grief, sympathy and compassion from across the nation, and in some cases worldwide. But a man walking down the street openly firing on the public has become old news already. The odd follow up story and that’s all we will hear. There is a bit more to find if we research the incident on the internet but as far as TV and radio news, that has quieted down considerably only a week after the incident. I guess what I am saying is we should be more shocked than we are when these things happen. The news reported that possibly ISIS was going to take responsibility but again I say, who is shocked at that? Was he part of the 1% of Islam radicals that are under the radar in our country. The radicals, the percentage of radicals in this country is a topic that is far to deep for this short editorial.

I am going to move along to the next point. The young man apparently suffering from mental illness used a handgun in the shooting and now we are seeing and hearing about Toronto City Council all up in arms that we need better gun laws. Numerous politicians all up in arms about having a gun registry. Boy, is this a repeat bull…t subject. They think we need to have all guns, restricted, non restricted, short , long, tall, fat and thin guns registered. Because as you all know, only those registered guns will kill people! Oh for crap sake…guns do not kill people! People kill people! And when people make a decision that they are going to kill someone, is the fact that it is registered or not registered, legal or illegal gonna mean a crapload of anything. Of course not! The last gun registry was supposed to only cost 2 million and by the time all was said and done it was over 2 billion! That was back in 2002, what the heck will it cost this time. Canada does not have 2 billion dollars to spend on this nonsense. Although I am sure Mr. Trudeau will say we do. We have all kinds of money to spend on ridiculous programs but we sure do not seem to have enough to help our families who live in poverty, our seniors who cannot afford to retire, or to educate the girls in this country. We have lots to send out to other countries!

Third and final point…it really pisses me off when they can so easily say that that young man in Toronto went on that shooting spree because he had mental issues. It does not seem like rocket science to me that the boy had a problem of some sort. No normal personal wakes up one day and decides this is the day we are going to walk down a busy street in our city or town and just kill anyone and everyone. I guess what bothers me is that as a parent of a mentally ill child, I feel this labels our mentally ill in general as being dangerous.

The general public will be scared as hell to have anyone around them diagnosed as mentally ill. Not everyone, in fact I suspect that not 1% of mentally ill people would do this sort of thing. My child is not a danger to the general public or himself. There are varying levels of mental illness and I feel that they need to be very careful when saying things like that to the public. Anyone who kills another human intentionally I think we could class as unstable but I don’t necessarily think we announce to the world that he was mentally ill. Just my opinion that we need to always approach that subject carefully so as not to cause more of a stigma. Many have tried to reduce the stigma that goes along with those two words…mentally ill.

If you have a response, we would love to hear it!

Send in your reply to Keep Me Journal, PO Box 733, Sangudo, AB, T0E 2A0 or email it to keepmejournal@outlook.com. We will print it in the next issue.

Pipeline Editorial – June 2018

Well it would seem that the big news this week, this month is pipeline.  The ongoing and unending saga of how we get our oil through the all the roadblocks that our seemingly unfriendly neighbor, BC, keeps throwing up.  The pipeline seems to me like it is essential to Canada. Until now almost all of our oil has been sold to the US but if we expand our customer base into the Pacific Rim we will make more money.  Seems logical to me.  Kinder Morgan’s original application was submitted back in 2013 and they have played by all the rules both provincially and federally since.  They have had to exercise much patience only to find themselves constantly wrapped up in sticky myriad of bureaucratic red tape. Last week they delivered an ultimatum, which in actuality does not seem entirely unreasonable, that if they did not receive some assurances that the project would be able to move forward without all of the significant obstacles that they have been faced with, they would walk away from the project.

In steps the federalists to save the day…Reportedly, Ottawa is now spending 4.6 Billion of taxpayers money to buy not only the pipeline but all of Kinder Morgan’s other core Canadian Assets. Then what? Will all the problems of building and moving forward suddenly disappear because of this little move.  Ok, not so little, since those are our tax dollars that the government is freely spending.  And why in all the reports does it say that Ottawa bought the project, Ottawa will invest, and Ottawa will take care of sorting this out.  Is Ottawa not made up of Canadians that represent this country from east to west.  I  wonder why I get really irritated by the term “Ottawa”.  Oh boy… That is likely a whole other editorial in itself.

This blurb from the Edmonton Journal Editorial Board pretty much says all :

The federal government announced Tuesday it is buying the Trans Mountain pipeline, the expansion project to twin it, and all of Kinder Morgan’s core Canadian assets for $4.5 billion plus other costs.

That’s one way to get a pipeline built.

Nationalizing a major infrastructure project from Canada’s private sector is certainly not how the process is supposed to work, but little about the Trans Mountain expansion has gone the way it ought to according to either rule of law or convention.

Instead, an energy company which has followed the rules in good faith, spent nearly a billion dollars in development and undergone exhaustive vetting to win regulatory approval has been impeded at every turn by opponents, including the government of British Columbia and the cities of Burnaby and Vancouver with what amount to nuisance court actions, given how Kinder Morgan has so far won 16 of these legal challenges in a row.

For its part, the Trudeau government greenlighted Trans Mountain in November 2016 and has long insisted the project is in the national interest because Canada loses $15 billion every year as a result of currently limited access to export markets outside the U.S

But before Tuesday’s announcement, Ottawa has done little to advance the project. Despite its constitutional authority over the interprovincial pipeline, the federal government brushed off the impasse as a sibling spat between B.C. and Alberta — ignoring or failing to recognize that by stalling Trans Mountain, B.C. Premier John Horgan was thumbing his nose not at Alberta, but Ottawa.

Perhaps when the federal government is paying the bills, it will take B.C.’s stonewalling of Trans Mountain more seriously.

So instead of settling these jurisdictional issues or enforcing its will, the Trudeau government has decided to spend its way out of trouble. The project will proceed under the ownership of a Crown corporation with hopes of eventually finding new buyers.

Direct government investment is far from the preferred solution but not entirely unprecedented either. Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, created Petro-Canada in the 1970s to further domestic energy interests while the Alberta government rescued Syncrude by bringing in other government partners to take ownership stakes. And let’s not forget 2009, when the federal and Ontario governments spent more than $13 billion to bail out North American auto makers.

Nationalizing Trans Mountain is a drastic and costly step but this is a case of the end result justifying the means so vital is this pipeline to the Alberta and Canadian economies.

What’s ironic is that by obstructing Trans Mountain so effectively, Horgan and other B.C. pipeline opponents will now be among its part-owners.”

Local editorials are the consensus opinion of the Journal’s editorial board, comprising Mark Iype, Dave Breakenridge, Sarah O’Donnell and Bill Mah.


A Final Tribute to Wayne Fortin

Last month I did a front page dedicated to Wayne Fortin and covered his celebration of life just briefly.  I said that his story would be continued this month in the Keep Me Journal and true to my word I have done a little digging into the Fortin history because I believe local heroes deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments during their time here on this earth.

That being said, The Keep Me Journal is going to continue with a historical article every month.  It may be about one of the founding families or another piece of history from Sangudo’s history.  I would like to reach out to the surrounding communities and encourage them to submit interesting facts, stories  or memorabilia from their past as well.  If you send it to me I will make every effort to print it!  Now as promised  a bit of history on the Wayne Fortin and the Fortin family.

Wayne Fortin  1940 – 2018.  The important part of that statement is not the 1940 or the 2018, the important part is the dash and everything it represents.  It is what happened between 1940 and 2018.  Its what people talk about when hearing Wayne’s name.  They don’t mention the year he was born and they will in a short period of time not really remember the year he died but they will remember many things that are represented by that seemingly insignificant little dash.  There was a lot that happened in those 77 years.  His friends and family tell me he loved trucking, that he was a trucking legend. However being new in this community the thing I got from both covering Wayne’s Celebration of Life and also catering  the event… The Fortin’s were and are loved by many starting before Wayne with his Dad and the very extensive Fortin family.

Wayne’s dad, Roy, arrived in this area with is parents and siblings back in 1912.  He later married Martha McConaghie in 1930 and they went on to have three boys, Carl, ,Harvey and Wayne was the youngest.  After they were married they settled in Sangudo, Ab and has a little house on the north end of town.  Roy had a new house built for his family in 1945, on the south side of Sangudo facing the Pembina river and it is still there today.

Roy created Fortin Transport in 1934 with his first truck which was an International with a wooden box and he started hauling grain and livestock.  By 1949 Roy had a very prosperous business and two body trucks.  The New Horizons book tells us that during that same year the Fortins suffered tragedy when the building that he stored his trucks in burned to the ground as well as the 29 loaded hogs ready for transport the next day.  This was a terrible loss.  Roy was resilient though from all I have read and his neighbor loaned him a truck and within one year Roy was back in the good and had two trucks of his own again.  He continued to haul livestock, some freight but I found out he also hauled the beer order for the Sangudo Hotel.  I am sure many were thankful for that!  In 1951  Roy and Martha were ready to start farm life and they started a dairy farm north of Sangudo which Roy and his son Harvey farmed .  Carl and Wayne continued the Fortin trucking business and they trucked until February of  2000 when they sold Fortin Transport to Ross Bohnet.  At the time of the sale Fortin Transport held one of the oldest operating authorities in Alberta.

After the sale of Fortin Transport, Wayne went on to drive for Lynden Transport,  Schmidt Livestock in Barrhead, AB.  He also drove  Grossenbacher Trucking, Degner Farms,Graydon Trucking and TGT Transport & Holdings.  This man truly loved trucking.

Wayne married Irene Hanson in 1966 and they have one daughter, Michele born in 1970.

Wayne and Irene love to travel, loved camping, playing cards and they were big pro rodeo fans.  Irene worked for CIBC for 35 years before retiring.  They loved and doted on their grandchildren Bryar and Shelbie.  Sadly, Irene passed before Wayne in 2011.

I am told that Wayne had a way of making people laugh with some of his antics.  He and his buddy Larry McBride would as young lads get caught swimming in the town water tower.  The two of them are said to have created a lot of mischief together.

By all accounts, this man will be missed by many.  He left  his mark on many hearts in and around this area.  I was witness to that when 500 people showed up to pay their respects at his Celebration of Life.  I suspect those words were never truer regarding anyone…. Celebrate his life friends and family, by all accounts it was great one!

Minor Sports at Risk; More Volunteers Needed

So. It’s a very sad day in Sangudo when we don’t actually have enough parents stepping up to the plate to volunteer for their kids sporting organizations.  It was the decision of the Sangudo Minor Sports, at their meeting on April 16th, to dissolve the hockey portion of the organization.  The softball part of the organization is yet to be determined.  A special meeting is being held on May 10th, 2018 at the former David Ovans School in Sangudo to make a decision regarding the future of kids softball in Sangudo as well.  If enough parents and members do not show up and step up then the board will proceed to make a motion to dissolve the entire Sangudo Minor Sports organization.  I had a meeting with three of the executive members to learn more about this decision and was informed that unfortunately this has been a long time coming.  At last year’s AGM much of the same occurred and in desperation a couple of parents stepped up to save the day.  Hockey Alberta attended that meeting last year and saw the difficulties at the time so that they would be aware of the possible direction and the difficult decision the board could be faced with this year.  The AGM was poorly attended even though it was advertised in the Freelancer, on the website, on Facebook and every member received an individual email.

I asked the board what they felt this would mean for our Sangudo Arena. They said that it will be up to the Ag Society to determine that.  Mayerthorpe will be the destination hockey club for many of our children and they already have a shortage of ice so it could mean that we will rent our ice to that club going forward.  The bigger cities, like Spruce Grove and Stony Plain also suffer from a shortage of available ice time. If made known and available to them perhaps they would consider renting here as well.  Our men’s teams including The Raiders and the fun hockey league we hope to see continue this next season.

I also asked the question “What about the funds that the Sangudo Minor Sports has? How will  they be dispersed?” “We are a ways from making that decision” the board told me.  “Still a lot to be determined in the next few months.”  They did tell me they would keep me apprised of any decisions going forward.  Watch the paper for updates.


Quite a number of area truckers brought their rigs and had a procession in honour of Wayne Fortin starting from the large truck stop east of Sangudo and travelled west on Hwy 43 to the local Sangudo school where his service was to be held.

This past Saturday, April 21st, 2018, approximately 500 family and friends gathered together in Sangudo, AB to say a big beautiful goodbye to loved one, Wayne Fortin.

 Leonard Wayne Fortin, was born on August 28th, 1940 in Edmonton Hospital. He was raised in Sangudo, the same place he raised his own family, owned a trucking company in partnership with his brother Carl and contributed in a big way to the community that he loved so much.  Although he left Sangudo and moved to Barrhead, AB sometime around 2004, Sangudo was the place his family felt compelled to say their last goodbyes. After suffering a stroke on April 6th, Wayne passed away peacefully at University Hospital in Edmonton on April 11th.  He is survived by his daughter Michelle, his two grandchildren, Bryar Vining and Shelbie Vining and countless family and friends that will miss him dearly.  He was described more than once as a happy and always smiling man. This is very apparent looking at his pictures.

April 2018 Editorial

Well here we are and it is already April! Where does time go? March came in like a lion and it felt like she went out like a lion as well. I am not sure, does that saying even apply any more with climate change?

So this month I have been thinking about what to write in my editorial. Sometimes I have to think pretty hard! But just when I am not sure what to write about, my phone rings!


Last month I did a short blurb on how a few of the businesses and buildings around town need a little TLC. One of my readers decided to call me out a little on that article. And bless her heart, I love when you, my readers, do that. She challenged that I was perhaps writing based on rumour and gossip…. nope, absolutely not the case. Please be assured, I will never write anything based on rumour or gossip. My sources were solid. The information in my article was confirmed again for me this past week by an additional source. I write the news as the news is reported to me. If necessary, I will research and ask the questions needed to verify the validity of a story. I was told that the owner of these buildings was in essence a hero to Sangudo a number of years back when Sangudo needed a hero. Well I was not here 10 years ago to see that heroism in action, however I will tell you…. and this is my point of view, he or she is no hero now. Businesses managed poorly and vacant buildings in disrepair do nothing to help this community. The outside world looks at us like we are a dying community. Those issues cost each and every one of us directly in the pocket book. It decreases the value of our real estate and it deters any new entrepreneur or businesses from wanting to set up shop in our little community. I do not care what this individual did 10+ years ago. In their mind they probably think their a hero as well… “I saved Sangudo.” If you are reading this Mr. or Mrs. Hero, then do us all a favour – either clean up your businesses, or sell your businesses and property and stop being a roadblock to a town that has a lot to offer. Right now you are only a hero in your own mind! But you could be a hero to us again if you were to take a little positive action.

As a side note to a comment from above. I want my readers to know that although the outside world may think Sangudo is a dying town, not everyone shares that sentiment. I prefer to think of our little hamlet as a place that is experiencing some change and a transition time. Let’s face it, it will never be the Sangudo of days past, with 3 equipment dealerships, and a creamery, grain elevators, and 3 grocery stores, etc. But I think that with our lower property taxes, lower real estate prices, a great school and the few amenities we do have, this place could become a great bedroom community to the city or a perfect place for those people that work from home. We have some great things happening. The move of the public library to up town is a great thing. The new Fitspiration exercise class club that opened last summer is a great thing and I am not afraid, obviously, to put my money where my mouth is. I am proving this with the acquisition of Connections. We all have to work together to make Sangudo great and we need to keep working to make sure it stays that way. I am willing to commit the time, and do the work… are you?