Sangudo & District Agricultural Society Essays

In 2002, the SDAS initiated a scholarship program consisting of two $1,000.00 scholarships to be given to youth who have graduated from Sangudo High and who are furthering their education at a post secondary institution. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 scholarship program. Emme Harapchuk, and Hannah Kastelic. Below you will find the essays they submitted as a part of the application program.

What Agriculture Means to Me

“When I think of agriculture, all sorts of images come to mind like fields of gold wheat blowing in the wind, cows grazing in a pasture and my family. I am the daughter of a farmer. My father has worked the land all of his life and takes pride in the fact that he took over the farm from his father. Agriculture means hard work, commitment and family.

We live on the home quarter purchased by my grandfather 76 years ago. My father is the second generation to farm this land and I am the third generation. I have watched my father rise early to seed, cut or bale hay and watched my father come in late from seeding, cutting or baling. I have seen the lines of worry, the smile of success and the heartbreak of loss due to agriculture.

Agriculture is hard work. You don’t have a boss that tells you it is time to do this task, you don’t have a clock to punch out and you don’t have the option of putting off what needs to be done. Yes agricultural success can come in some form of luck but most of it is planning and implementing. Both of these rely on hard work from the farmer.

Furthermore, it takes a full commitment from the farmer to make it a success. My dad plans and keeps detailed records of his crops, livestock, and machinery, whether it is repairs or purchasing, seeding timeline, or weather forecasts, etc. Now, keeping all this information straight and running a farming operation is a full time commitment. May dad does not even stop when he is sick. I have seen him get into a tractor in the freezing cold on a damp and snowy morning to check on his cows and make sure they have enough to eat and straw for bedding even when he has a fever and can barely make it out of bed. As for the commitment, he has made it through a drought, BSE, and hail/loss of crops. Thru it all he keeps saying, “Everyday cannot be Christmas…we will learn and it will be better.”

Finally, agriculture teaches us what it means to be a family. It has taught us patience, especially with each other when we are learning to operate a new piece of equipment. It has taught us to grow, especially when we planted our first canola crop. WE would drive out to the field to check it like a newborn baby and see if we could see the progress. It has taught us to work together to accomplish a common goal, like when we vaccinate our calves. We work as a team to make the process go smoothly and so no one is left to do it by themselves. Everyone is included and at the end of the day , we have accomplished our goal. Patience, growth and team work along with love is what makes up a family.

In conclusion, what agriculture means to me is hard work, commitment and family. In order for our farming operation to work, we rely on each other to help, to encourage and to learn from our successes and mistakes. Agriculture is not for the faint of heart. It can feel disappointing one minute and amazing the next but in the end we are in it together and can’t live without it.

Submitted by Emme Harapchuk.

The Chicken or the Egg

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? This age old question can also be applied to biology and agriculture. Without biology, how did we learn to farm? Without agriculture, how do we get close enough to study living things. As someone who grew up on a steady diet of both biology and agriculture, I am sure that one cannot live without the other.

Biology is defined as “the study of living things” and farming is essentially harnessing living things to produce products for consumption. Having grown up on a farm, I’ve seen agriculture first hand. For most of my life, every spring, I would go out to the field with my dad to check our herd of cows for any new calves. For the past few summers, I have spent most of July out in the fields, helping bring in hay crops to feed our livestock through the winter..Without any knowledge on biology, I am sure that our herd of cows would have died out long ago.

Prior to high school, I had a solid base on biological functions. In addition to growing up on a farm, my mother is a nurse. This made it quite difficult to fake being sick to miss school as a child as she would ask me to make a list of my symptoms so she could figure out if I needed to go to the hospital and what kind of medicine I needed. In high school, I took biology classes that furthered my knowledge on why I was experiencing my symptoms and both how the human body works and how our environment works.

Without our knowledge of how the world works, we could never harness agriculture to produce what we need, as human beings to survive. The chicken is hatched from an egg that requires a chicken to form. Similarly, biology is hatched from agriculture that requires some knowledge in biology to come to be. The answer to the question is neither came first. Biology and agriculture are a package deal. So, seeing as I am going to university to study biology, I will also be studying agriculture. The real question is not what came first but which is more vital to the others existence.

Submitted by Hannah Kastelic

On behalf of the Sangudo & District Agricultural Society, Congratulations to this years recipients, Emme Harapchuk and Hannah Kastelic. Good luck in school and we wish you the best on all your future endeavours!

Reeve’s Message – October

Fall has officially arrived, but it feels like old man Winter has beaten him to it. The accumulation of snow has made it anything but favorable for the farmers across the province. We are hoping that the sunshine and milder temperatures will help farmers get their crops off the fields and better prepare for the winter ahead. As we move forward into fall, Council has met with Northern Gateway Public School Division to discuss the current Rural Student Funding Model and how it is not acceptable for today’s rural students. Lac Ste. Anne County Council plans to work in conjunction with the Northern Gateway Public School Division to lobby the Provincial Government to help produce a new funding model that will better represent Rural Alberta.

With the upcoming legalization of Cannabis on October 17, 2018, Council continues to work alongside other municipalities from the area to prepare legislation that will work in everybody’s best interest. This is a subject that we will keep pushing forward on.

At the September 13, 2018, Council Meeting the Agriculture Services Department reported damage sustained to a bridge on Township Road 540. The damage was done while clearing out a beaver dam. Administration completed an internal review after the event and it was determined that all safety procedures and practices were followed. There was only a minimal charge used for this process, which is common practice for the Agriculture Services Department as there is no mechanical way to get underneath a bridge to clear out a beaver dam.

Some members of our Council are off to the Alberta Urban Municipality Some members of our Council are off to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Convention in Red Deer, AB this week to meet with other Municipalities and Provincial Ministers to discuss various topics of concern and interest for all Albertans. We look forward to bringing this information back to Lac Ste. Anne.

On behalf of the Lac Ste. Anne County Council I would like to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Take time to kick back and relax with your families.

Song of the Month – Editorial

So it has come to my attention and most likely yours as well that our newly elected UCP candidate, Dale Johnson, for Lac Ste. Anne/Parkland County riding, has been disqualified for sins of the past. Oddly enough that seems to be the song of the month for the UCP Party. More than one candidate has been disqualified and it would seem that although it has not happened yet, folks are screaming that at least one more should be on that chopping block. I am not going to go into details of Dale’s banishment, you can research that on the internet yourself if your interested. Now I would have expected in this case that the runner up in the election should have gotten the candidacy but apparently that is not how the game is played. We are waiting for nominations to open yet again for this riding and I know I am hoping to see a bit more political correctness and integrity in this next race. I have been a conservative girl for a long time and I am feeling very disillusioned with the UCP. They need to reassess their rules and policies for nominees and it would appear that a more stringent screening process be applied and should apply to all political parties. Perhaps then we might be able to avoid the splashy headlines announcing embarrassing and humiliating pasts – embarassing not only to the candidate but to the party as well. The UCP needs to call a family meeting and remind the kids how to behave in public and perhaps remind them not so gently of the rule our parents taught us…Sticks and stones, or maybe the other rule…If you can’t say something nice, then maybe just shut up!

That is my short but opinionated point of view this month!

On a lighter note, I would like to wish all my readers and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on all  the wonderful blessings in your life. I know I will be. Although
we all, myself included have our moments of complaint, we need to remember we live in an beautiful and amazing country. Although we have poverty, most of our poverty is no where near that of other countries,
although we have troubling politics, it is nothing like many countries who are in all out war! We have freedom here that many will never get to experience like freedom of speech, religion beliefs political choice, the
privilege of advanced education, gender equality more so than many places, and the list of reasons to be thankful goes on and on. Maybe this weekend we could remind ourselves of the things each of us has to be thankful for. God bless you all!

If you have a response, we would love to hear it! Send in your reply to Keep Me Journal, Po Box 733, Sangudo, AB, T0E 2A0 or email it to We will print it in the next issue.

Reeve’s Message

The phrase the “Dog Days” of summer (or better known as the hottest, most humid days of summer) comes to mind as we enter into the month of August. I hope that everyone has taken the opportunities to get out and enjoy some of the great activities Lac Ste. Anne County has to offer, whether it is spending time out on one of the many lakes with friends and family, camping in one of the County owned campgrounds (Lessard Lake Public Campground, Paddle River Dam Campground or the Sangudo Riverside Campground), or attending one of the many parades and fair days, there is always something to do in the County during the summer months.


The Summer Adventure Guide filled with all of the Summer Children’s Special Programs, Drop-In Programs, Kinder and Youth Camps and Day Trips is posted on the website. Make sure you check it out and get your young ones registered into one of the these fantastic summer programs!

Public Works

As always, the Public Works department has been going flat out as they continue to work on the construction and culvert replacement on Twp Road 544. The paving project has been completed on Range Road 21 and most of Twp. Road 544, except for the bridge. We are also proud to report that we have completed the joint paving project with the Town of Onoway on 47th Avenue. We have opened the tenders for the proposed paving projects completed for the Paddle River Dam, Riverside Campground and Twp. Road 540. We hope to have these approved within the next month.

Fire Services

Council along with the Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services are pleased with the arrival and set-up of the two Fire Training facilities at the Emergency Response Center at 4814-42 Avenue in Mayerthorpe and at the second facility Ste. Anne East Fire Station at 2317 Township Road 545 in Lac Ste. Anne County. These new purpose-built facilities are designed to support the diverse training needs of multiple Fire Stations in the region. We are appreciative to our corporate For-Profit and Not-for-Profit sponsors for these projects, in addition to the Town of Mayerthorpe for its partnership for the Mayerthorpe site.

Well, finally I want to extend my well-wishes out to all of the farmers in the area that are hard at work trying to getting their hay up in-spite of the weather. Hopefully August will bring some good rains and better second cuts.

Election Update!

A Race

Well as most of you know there is an election race going on right now to pick our local United Conservative Party candidate in this riding, the Lac Ste Anne Parkland riding. I have been watching this race and the candidates that are running. The candidates, Barbara Costache located NW of Acheson, Dale Johnson located in Rich Valley area, Everett Normandeau located in Calahoo, Leah Wood located just south of Entwistle and Jerry Molnar located in Spring Lake. I am sad to say that the only candidate that thought it necessary to door knock or make phone calls in the area west of Cherhill was Leah Wood. Not one of the other candidates that I have listed above made any sort of appearance in our area that I am aware of. Perhaps we are too small and they did not feel we were worth it.

Unnecessary Negativity

I am a UCP member and I have had the thrill of being able to watch the emails and ads in papers. The negative ads that really in my mind have no business being a part of politics. The big headline is that 2 of the candidates in this riding do not actually live in this riding. In fact I have checked, they are just barely outside the riding and they do most of their business and day to day living within the riding. I even saw one comment that one of the members bought a post office box in the riding to say that’s where she gets her mail. Hogwash! Petty bull crap from really negative people. First the rules of the party state that they do not have to live in the riding to run in the riding! Second, I was taught to treat people the way I would expect to be treated. With respect for starters.

So candidates in the riding, I really don’t know that you would be the best pick for this job because you lack integrity in my eyes for treating others around you so badly. Are these the people you want representing you in the Alberta government. Have we not had enough of that to last us a lifetime already! I really don’t think it matters a damn what side of the tracks we live on. That is not what our reputation should be based on. You need to pick your candidate based on what sort of job you think they will do. I don’t care if they live beside you. That’s not a reason to vote for them. Do you think they are honest, or are they blowing a cloud of smoke at you? Do they have respect for the folks around them or are they rude and arrogant because they think they are better? There is already enough arrogance in government thanks! Are they committed, do they have time in their lives to take on this kind of responsibility? Are they experienced or maybe they are not but they are filled with fresh ideas?

Be Informed!

Please take the time to consider who you are voting for. Read the member emails and see who is naughty and who is nice. Who is playing fair and who is out for blood.

Make your own choice and do not be railroaded by candidates, neighbors, ratepayers assoc. or anyone else. The three candidates who live in this riding seem to have trouble playing nice . The people of this riding need to pay close attention to that behaviour because I sure don’t think it makes them worthy of representing me!

A Job Jar: A simple family tool

When coaching with couples (especially those with young children), we often hear concerns about household tasks that don’t get done, or resentment about which person needs to do them.  The resentments are often due to unmet and uncommunicated expectations about “the way it should be.” Yet, at the core, these parents usually share a common desire to have a clean, safe environment in which to live and raise their family.  They also want their kids to grow up to be confident, effective, productive members of society, and to understand the value of contribution and working as a team.

Hearing these concerns, I reflect on my own childhood.  My father was an alcoholic, so couldn’t be counted on for much help.  Mom ran the household as a single-mom with four kids.  She used a ‘Job Jar’ as a way for us to be involved in the household tasks, help get things done, and to learn valuable skills we needed as we matured.

A Job Jar?  It worked like this.

On Saturday morning (after our treat of sugared cereal), all four kids drew jobs out of the Job Jar.  The rule was that the tasks were to be completed by noon.  They included things like:  taking out the garbage; washing the sheets on a certain bed; cleaning a cupboard drawer in the kitchen; cleaning the toilets; etc.  Some were quick and easy, some a bit harder or even undesirable.  We each drew two or three jobs and then set about doing our tasks.

As the youngest, I sometimes drew a task that was bigger or more complex than I could handle.    Since there was no option to put a task back in the jar, one of my older siblings would lend a hand and we would complete the task together.  Because they had their own jobs to complete, I was often able to give them a hand, or at least feel as if I was helping.

What was the motivation?

To reward us for our efforts, Mom always had a low-cost (or probably no-cost) outing planned for our family – once the jobs were complete.  We might have a picnic or go swimming in the nearby Elbow River.  The sooner we could get our jobs done, the sooner we could have fun as a family.

As a child, the Job Jar was a Saturday morning ritual in which we all participated as a family team.  The jobs were never difficult, especially when we worked together.  And we knew the reward was well worth our effort.

As an adult, I recognize this was a way for Mom to instill her values of family helping one another, having pride in a job well-done, contribution to something bigger than “just me”, and it ensured that our house ran somewhat smoothly.

The life lessons?

Get at your tasks early in the day.

Jobs are easier, quicker, and usually higher quality when people agree to work together (that’s why I love volunteering for community projects).

Pride is the result when a job is well-done, and it is even better when a group can share the pride, as in, “we did it together.”

Building “caring” sibling relationships is critical.  With high levels of trust and compassion, siblings are always there to lend a hand (I can always count on mine, even today!).

It’s OK to take on tasks that seem bigger than what you are capable.  These provide an opportunity to ask for help/advice, learn, and ‘grow into’ greater accomplishments and skills.

And most importantly, plan time for fun and celebration.

I am grateful for the many things my mother taught and modelled for me.  Not everyone is as fortunate as I am.  Even at 90 years young, my mom is still incredibly resourceful and able to handle whatever life throws her.  Although she doesn’t use the Job Jar anymore, she always has a list of chores for any of her kids who come to visit.  We are all thrilled to help, and the reward of her love and friendship is ample motivation.

If you feel a bit resentful about tasks that need to be done around your house or yard, I invite you to use the Job Jar as a family tool.  It will help you get household tasks done quicker, build your children’s confidence and skills, and instill the value of working together as a team.  Besides modelling something very powerful for your little ones, it will also be a lot of fun.


Author Bio:

Dan & Carol Ohler are Relationship Alchemists.  Through coaching, they support you to make your relationships GOLD.  Call them at 780-785-3700. Check out their website

Editorial Point of View

Responses to July 2018 Editorial

I am responding to your editorial in the last issue. You are right on in your comments. I have said similar things for years. People just don’t seem to care. There is a whole different attitude towards this govt by people in eastern  Canada. I have been unfriended on Facebook and unfollowed by relatives and friends ,even called a racist. None of my comments were  even close to being racist. If they were Facebook would have let me know. I spoke the truth ,just like you have. The eastern media especially the CBC will not  report anything negative about our current govt.. I have lived through many liberal governments and they are pretty much all the same. If you speak out against the current immigration decisions you will be called uncanadian  by Trudeau himself. I applaud you  Jill for your  views   ~ Mark Boon; Roydale

Read your editorial in your July paper. Was so impressed as this is exactly what our friends and us discuss all the time. I would like your permission to forward this to our local paper and our MLA and MP and any one else I can think of. Thank you for your honest opinion. ~ Maggie Morin; Spruce Grove

Thanks for the responses folks!

Now let’s get down to the business of this months editorial! So a week or so ago a guy walks down a busy street filled with restaurants and cafes in Greektown, Toronto. And proceeded to open fire into the businesses killing two and wounding 13 more. As alarming as that is, what is also alarming to me was that I was not as mortified and grief stricken as I should have been. There is so much of this sort of thing today that I was just not. I was like “What! Your kidding, that’s awful!” but I feel there should have been a bigger outpouring.

When the Humboldt hockey team had their terrible accident we were all grief stricken and that was as we should be. There was an outpouring of grief, sympathy and compassion from across the nation, and in some cases worldwide. But a man walking down the street openly firing on the public has become old news already. The odd follow up story and that’s all we will hear. There is a bit more to find if we research the incident on the internet but as far as TV and radio news, that has quieted down considerably only a week after the incident. I guess what I am saying is we should be more shocked than we are when these things happen. The news reported that possibly ISIS was going to take responsibility but again I say, who is shocked at that? Was he part of the 1% of Islam radicals that are under the radar in our country. The radicals, the percentage of radicals in this country is a topic that is far to deep for this short editorial.

I am going to move along to the next point. The young man apparently suffering from mental illness used a handgun in the shooting and now we are seeing and hearing about Toronto City Council all up in arms that we need better gun laws. Numerous politicians all up in arms about having a gun registry. Boy, is this a repeat bull…t subject. They think we need to have all guns, restricted, non restricted, short , long, tall, fat and thin guns registered. Because as you all know, only those registered guns will kill people! Oh for crap sake…guns do not kill people! People kill people! And when people make a decision that they are going to kill someone, is the fact that it is registered or not registered, legal or illegal gonna mean a crapload of anything. Of course not! The last gun registry was supposed to only cost 2 million and by the time all was said and done it was over 2 billion! That was back in 2002, what the heck will it cost this time. Canada does not have 2 billion dollars to spend on this nonsense. Although I am sure Mr. Trudeau will say we do. We have all kinds of money to spend on ridiculous programs but we sure do not seem to have enough to help our families who live in poverty, our seniors who cannot afford to retire, or to educate the girls in this country. We have lots to send out to other countries!

Third and final point…it really pisses me off when they can so easily say that that young man in Toronto went on that shooting spree because he had mental issues. It does not seem like rocket science to me that the boy had a problem of some sort. No normal personal wakes up one day and decides this is the day we are going to walk down a busy street in our city or town and just kill anyone and everyone. I guess what bothers me is that as a parent of a mentally ill child, I feel this labels our mentally ill in general as being dangerous.

The general public will be scared as hell to have anyone around them diagnosed as mentally ill. Not everyone, in fact I suspect that not 1% of mentally ill people would do this sort of thing. My child is not a danger to the general public or himself. There are varying levels of mental illness and I feel that they need to be very careful when saying things like that to the public. Anyone who kills another human intentionally I think we could class as unstable but I don’t necessarily think we announce to the world that he was mentally ill. Just my opinion that we need to always approach that subject carefully so as not to cause more of a stigma. Many have tried to reduce the stigma that goes along with those two words…mentally ill.

If you have a response, we would love to hear it!

Send in your reply to Keep Me Journal, PO Box 733, Sangudo, AB, T0E 2A0 or email it to We will print it in the next issue.

June Message from the Reeve

It has been a busy month for staff and Council, as we start the summer season off with lots of sunshine and great weather! We began the month with four of our Council members attending this years Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Conference in Halifax, NS. We were engaged in many sessions and opportunities like the one where Deputy Reeve Nick Gelych and I were able to tour with the Fire Chief of the Halifax Regional Fire Services.

I would like to take this time to acknowledge the fact that Councillor Lorne Olsvik has been on the FCM Board and is now stepping down after dedicating ten years to the organization. He has opened a lot of avenues for Lac Ste. Anne County with great connections and information, we wish him well in his retirement from the FCM Board.

Lac Ste. Anne County is here to support you in teaming up with your friends, family and neighbors to help create litter free neighborhoods in our Hamlets. For weekends in July and August, we will provide two large bins in which residents can place their awkward waste items in the bins and the County will retrieve and dispose of them appropriately. The bins can be used for tires, furniture, appliances, wood items, metal items etc., however please do not use the bins for hazardous waste. The bins will be delivered on Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday. Watch the website for dates and locations.

As always we are proud of the staff that work for us at Lac Ste. Anne County and would like to welcome the many new smiling faces that have joined the team. Administration has been filling some much needed positions to better assist the residents of our County. Two Community Peace Officers will be attending six weeks of training this month to fulfill the requirements to better assist the residents as well, good luck everyone!

Public Works has been busy out on the roads, and have now completed the patching and dust control projects. Just in time to move onto the road and bridge construction that is set to begin at the beginning of July and will continue throughout the summer of 2018. Check out the website for locations and information. Remember, drive with caution, slow down, observe traffic signs, save a life!

And finally, on behalf of Council and myself, I would like to wish all of the Grade 12 students graduating this weekend within Lac Ste. Anne County and surrounding areas a huge Congratulations on a job well done! Have a great Canada Day long weekend to celebrate your accomplishments!

G7 Summit Editorial

This time of the month is always crazy busy for me and trying to decide what I want to have an opinion about can be somewhat daunting!  Or rather I should say , something I want to have an opinion about publicly! This last month I was witness, as were most of you, to our government yet again making million and billion dollar decisions for this country.  At  the G7 summit, our country very generously offered to be a part of a multi million dollar project that is looking at educating girls from other countries.  What about the girls from this country?  What about the approx. 13.5 percent of Canadian children living in poverty.  Maybe we could look after them first.  What about the 12 percent of seniors which amounts to almost 600,000 seniors, mostly women that live in poverty.  Those numbers are according to Stats Canada.

The majority government is made up of 184 Liberal men and women.  184 men and women speaking for the entire population, making decisions like this one, for the entire population of this country! Entire population according to the latest UN estimates is 36.95 million.  Does that seem completely reasonable to you?  I think once upon a time perhaps it was. But that is before technology started ruling the world.  That is before we started bringing in immigrants by the mass quantities, according to the 2016 census, 1.7 million in 5 years.  Immigrants accounted for two thirds of that increase and the rest is what is referred to as natural increase (the difference between births and deaths).  We are the fastest growing country in population in the G7.

So lets look at that immigration thing for just a brief moment…there are rules in place when moving to

Canada that certain expectations have to be met before the immigrant can become a permanent resident.  First they have to be here a minimum period of time, a minimum of 183 days per year for 4 out of 6 years.  They have to prove that they have strong attachments to Canada and they have to pass a knowledge and language test to become Canadian citizens.  So that means newcomers only need to live her for 4 years and they get a deciding vote on who they want deciding what that happens in Canada.  I do not consider that near long enough for someone to be able to make informed decisions regarding what is best for this country.  I feel that their votes are going to be based on what is best for their particular culture in this country.  I get that at some point in time our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were very likely immigrants to this country, but does anyone else feel like they are quickly becoming a minority in their own country where they were born, raised and educated, sang O Canada every morning before school started and said the Lords Prayer to start the day. We hear it over and over again, our country is culturally changing and if we don’t change with it we are racist and prejudice. I do not care about your religion, I care about mine and the right to follow it freely.  I don’t care about the colour of your skin, but I do care when you use it against me.  I don’t care what language you speak but I do care when you use it to talk about me behind my back and insist that our country and gov’t should cater to you by having interpreters in every possible scenario so that you can “fit in comfortably”  AND I do care that all your religions, skin colours, languages and your cultures are used against us and force us to change this country’s cultures and traditions that have been in place long before you came to our country.  I have a problem with our immigrants getting a vote in in this country after having only been here for a fairly short period of time.  And the problem is magnified when after becoming a Canadian citizen they can hold political office. No wonder financial decisions are made sending the money from Canada’s already empty coffers to other countries. They are definitely speaking for the masses.  The masses are their own people from their home countries.  I am not prejudice or racist, I just think we have lost sight of who should be running our country and that is the people who have invested in this country by living here  and invested in this country for the long haul. There should be more stringent rules pertaining to the length of time you need to live in this country before you can start making decisions on behalf of this country.  Four years does not cut it!

Well that was definitely a rant!  Probably one that should be done by more and maybe the someone’s higher up would start listening.  Everybody thinks they need to be so politically correct.  How’s that worked out for us?  We have freedom of speech for a reason folks.  You all have the right to be heard.

Ok, additional food for thought where the voices of the people could count….if American Idol, The Voice, Canadian Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc., can bring the entire country on board when it comes time to vote for the best singer, dancer, talented whatever, then why can we not utilize that same technology and vote on the issues at hand.  Why do we still have to have paper ballots and why does it have to cost millions and billions to get decisions for elections and referendums.  Why can we not use that technology  allowing the people of Canada to have their say individually.  Before our prime minister says “yep let’s help girls around the world” would it not be great if Canadians could say yep lets do that or nope lets help our own first.  Mr. Trudeau promised that he would have a look at the way the voting system was laid out.  I guess he never promised to make any changes but I don’t think he has even had a look.  An additional issue is  that only two provinces really speak for this entire country. And that’s not right either!

We all know that, we have been saying it for years but what is it going take to change that.  We all need to throw political correctness to the wind and start saying it out loud.  Loud enough that they hear all of us in Ottawa!  Our country is governed by one small piece of the pie.  We need to find a way to make the rest of the pie count.  And we need to make sure we are educating our children to do their research.  Don’t leave the governing of our country to a just a few.  That’s my rant! And my editorial opinion!

Change starts with each of us.  Change start with you!

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.  Barack Obama

If you have a response, we would love to hear it!  Send in your reply to Keep Me Journal, Po Box 733, Sangudo, AB, T0E 2A0 or email it to  We will print it in the next issue.