April 2018 Editorial

Well here we are and it is already April! Where does time go? March came in like a lion and it felt like she went out like a lion as well. I am not sure, does that saying even apply any more with climate change?

So this month I have been thinking about what to write in my editorial. Sometimes I have to think pretty hard! But just when I am not sure what to write about, my phone rings!


Last month I did a short blurb on how a few of the businesses and buildings around town need a little TLC. One of my readers decided to call me out a little on that article. And bless her heart, I love when you, my readers, do that. She challenged that I was perhaps writing based on rumour and gossip…. nope, absolutely not the case. Please be assured, I will never write anything based on rumour or gossip. My sources were solid. The information in my article was confirmed again for me this past week by an additional source. I write the news as the news is reported to me. If necessary, I will research and ask the questions needed to verify the validity of a story. I was told that the owner of these buildings was in essence a hero to Sangudo a number of years back when Sangudo needed a hero. Well I was not here 10 years ago to see that heroism in action, however I will tell you…. and this is my point of view, he or she is no hero now. Businesses managed poorly and vacant buildings in disrepair do nothing to help this community. The outside world looks at us like we are a dying community. Those issues cost each and every one of us directly in the pocket book. It decreases the value of our real estate and it deters any new entrepreneur or businesses from wanting to set up shop in our little community. I do not care what this individual did 10+ years ago. In their mind they probably think their a hero as well… “I saved Sangudo.” If you are reading this Mr. or Mrs. Hero, then do us all a favour – either clean up your businesses, or sell your businesses and property and stop being a roadblock to a town that has a lot to offer. Right now you are only a hero in your own mind! But you could be a hero to us again if you were to take a little positive action.

As a side note to a comment from above. I want my readers to know that although the outside world may think Sangudo is a dying town, not everyone shares that sentiment. I prefer to think of our little hamlet as a place that is experiencing some change and a transition time. Let’s face it, it will never be the Sangudo of days past, with 3 equipment dealerships, and a creamery, grain elevators, and 3 grocery stores, etc. But I think that with our lower property taxes, lower real estate prices, a great school and the few amenities we do have, this place could become a great bedroom community to the city or a perfect place for those people that work from home. We have some great things happening. The move of the public library to up town is a great thing. The new Fitspiration exercise class club that opened last summer is a great thing and I am not afraid, obviously, to put my money where my mouth is. I am proving this with the acquisition of Connections. We all have to work together to make Sangudo great and we need to keep working to make sure it stays that way. I am willing to commit the time, and do the work… are you?