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I am responding to your editorial in the last issue. You are right on in your comments. I have said similar things for years. People just don’t seem to care. There is a whole different attitude towards this govt by people in eastern  Canada. I have been unfriended on Facebook and unfollowed by relatives and friends ,even called a racist. None of my comments were  even close to being racist. If they were Facebook would have let me know. I spoke the truth ,just like you have. The eastern media especially the CBC will not  report anything negative about our current govt.. I have lived through many liberal governments and they are pretty much all the same. If you speak out against the current immigration decisions you will be called uncanadian  by Trudeau himself. I applaud you  Jill for your  views   ~ Mark Boon; Roydale

Read your editorial in your July paper. Was so impressed as this is exactly what our friends and us discuss all the time. I would like your permission to forward this to our local paper and our MLA and MP and any one else I can think of. Thank you for your honest opinion. ~ Maggie Morin; Spruce Grove

Thanks for the responses folks!

Now let’s get down to the business of this months editorial! So a week or so ago a guy walks down a busy street filled with restaurants and cafes in Greektown, Toronto. And proceeded to open fire into the businesses killing two and wounding 13 more. As alarming as that is, what is also alarming to me was that I was not as mortified and grief stricken as I should have been. There is so much of this sort of thing today that I was just not. I was like “What! Your kidding, that’s awful!” but I feel there should have been a bigger outpouring.

When the Humboldt hockey team had their terrible accident we were all grief stricken and that was as we should be. There was an outpouring of grief, sympathy and compassion from across the nation, and in some cases worldwide. But a man walking down the street openly firing on the public has become old news already. The odd follow up story and that’s all we will hear. There is a bit more to find if we research the incident on the internet but as far as TV and radio news, that has quieted down considerably only a week after the incident. I guess what I am saying is we should be more shocked than we are when these things happen. The news reported that possibly ISIS was going to take responsibility but again I say, who is shocked at that? Was he part of the 1% of Islam radicals that are under the radar in our country. The radicals, the percentage of radicals in this country is a topic that is far to deep for this short editorial.

I am going to move along to the next point. The young man apparently suffering from mental illness used a handgun in the shooting and now we are seeing and hearing about Toronto City Council all up in arms that we need better gun laws. Numerous politicians all up in arms about having a gun registry. Boy, is this a repeat bull…t subject. They think we need to have all guns, restricted, non restricted, short , long, tall, fat and thin guns registered. Because as you all know, only those registered guns will kill people! Oh for crap sake…guns do not kill people! People kill people! And when people make a decision that they are going to kill someone, is the fact that it is registered or not registered, legal or illegal gonna mean a crapload of anything. Of course not! The last gun registry was supposed to only cost 2 million and by the time all was said and done it was over 2 billion! That was back in 2002, what the heck will it cost this time. Canada does not have 2 billion dollars to spend on this nonsense. Although I am sure Mr. Trudeau will say we do. We have all kinds of money to spend on ridiculous programs but we sure do not seem to have enough to help our families who live in poverty, our seniors who cannot afford to retire, or to educate the girls in this country. We have lots to send out to other countries!

Third and final point…it really pisses me off when they can so easily say that that young man in Toronto went on that shooting spree because he had mental issues. It does not seem like rocket science to me that the boy had a problem of some sort. No normal personal wakes up one day and decides this is the day we are going to walk down a busy street in our city or town and just kill anyone and everyone. I guess what bothers me is that as a parent of a mentally ill child, I feel this labels our mentally ill in general as being dangerous.

The general public will be scared as hell to have anyone around them diagnosed as mentally ill. Not everyone, in fact I suspect that not 1% of mentally ill people would do this sort of thing. My child is not a danger to the general public or himself. There are varying levels of mental illness and I feel that they need to be very careful when saying things like that to the public. Anyone who kills another human intentionally I think we could class as unstable but I don’t necessarily think we announce to the world that he was mentally ill. Just my opinion that we need to always approach that subject carefully so as not to cause more of a stigma. Many have tried to reduce the stigma that goes along with those two words…mentally ill.

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