Election Update!

A Race

Well as most of you know there is an election race going on right now to pick our local United Conservative Party candidate in this riding, the Lac Ste Anne Parkland riding. I have been watching this race and the candidates that are running. The candidates, Barbara Costache located NW of Acheson, Dale Johnson located in Rich Valley area, Everett Normandeau located in Calahoo, Leah Wood located just south of Entwistle and Jerry Molnar located in Spring Lake. I am sad to say that the only candidate that thought it necessary to door knock or make phone calls in the area west of Cherhill was Leah Wood. Not one of the other candidates that I have listed above made any sort of appearance in our area that I am aware of. Perhaps we are too small and they did not feel we were worth it.

Unnecessary Negativity

I am a UCP member and I have had the thrill of being able to watch the emails and ads in papers. The negative ads that really in my mind have no business being a part of politics. The big headline is that 2 of the candidates in this riding do not actually live in this riding. In fact I have checked, they are just barely outside the riding and they do most of their business and day to day living within the riding. I even saw one comment that one of the members bought a post office box in the riding to say that’s where she gets her mail. Hogwash! Petty bull crap from really negative people. First the rules of the party state that they do not have to live in the riding to run in the riding! Second, I was taught to treat people the way I would expect to be treated. With respect for starters.

So candidates in the riding, I really don’t know that you would be the best pick for this job because you lack integrity in my eyes for treating others around you so badly. Are these the people you want representing you in the Alberta government. Have we not had enough of that to last us a lifetime already! I really don’t think it matters a damn what side of the tracks we live on. That is not what our reputation should be based on. You need to pick your candidate based on what sort of job you think they will do. I don’t care if they live beside you. That’s not a reason to vote for them. Do you think they are honest, or are they blowing a cloud of smoke at you? Do they have respect for the folks around them or are they rude and arrogant because they think they are better? There is already enough arrogance in government thanks! Are they committed, do they have time in their lives to take on this kind of responsibility? Are they experienced or maybe they are not but they are filled with fresh ideas?

Be Informed!

Please take the time to consider who you are voting for. Read the member emails and see who is naughty and who is nice. Who is playing fair and who is out for blood.

Make your own choice and do not be railroaded by candidates, neighbors, ratepayers assoc. or anyone else. The three candidates who live in this riding seem to have trouble playing nice . The people of this riding need to pay close attention to that behaviour because I sure don’t think it makes them worthy of representing me!

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