G7 Summit Editorial

This time of the month is always crazy busy for me and trying to decide what I want to have an opinion about can be somewhat daunting!  Or rather I should say , something I want to have an opinion about publicly! This last month I was witness, as were most of you, to our government yet again making million and billion dollar decisions for this country.  At  the G7 summit, our country very generously offered to be a part of a multi million dollar project that is looking at educating girls from other countries.  What about the girls from this country?  What about the approx. 13.5 percent of Canadian children living in poverty.  Maybe we could look after them first.  What about the 12 percent of seniors which amounts to almost 600,000 seniors, mostly women that live in poverty.  Those numbers are according to Stats Canada.

The majority government is made up of 184 Liberal men and women.  184 men and women speaking for the entire population, making decisions like this one, for the entire population of this country! Entire population according to the latest UN estimates is 36.95 million.  Does that seem completely reasonable to you?  I think once upon a time perhaps it was. But that is before technology started ruling the world.  That is before we started bringing in immigrants by the mass quantities, according to the 2016 census, 1.7 million in 5 years.  Immigrants accounted for two thirds of that increase and the rest is what is referred to as natural increase (the difference between births and deaths).  We are the fastest growing country in population in the G7.

So lets look at that immigration thing for just a brief moment…there are rules in place when moving to

Canada that certain expectations have to be met before the immigrant can become a permanent resident.  First they have to be here a minimum period of time, a minimum of 183 days per year for 4 out of 6 years.  They have to prove that they have strong attachments to Canada and they have to pass a knowledge and language test to become Canadian citizens.  So that means newcomers only need to live her for 4 years and they get a deciding vote on who they want deciding what that happens in Canada.  I do not consider that near long enough for someone to be able to make informed decisions regarding what is best for this country.  I feel that their votes are going to be based on what is best for their particular culture in this country.  I get that at some point in time our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were very likely immigrants to this country, but does anyone else feel like they are quickly becoming a minority in their own country where they were born, raised and educated, sang O Canada every morning before school started and said the Lords Prayer to start the day. We hear it over and over again, our country is culturally changing and if we don’t change with it we are racist and prejudice. I do not care about your religion, I care about mine and the right to follow it freely.  I don’t care about the colour of your skin, but I do care when you use it against me.  I don’t care what language you speak but I do care when you use it to talk about me behind my back and insist that our country and gov’t should cater to you by having interpreters in every possible scenario so that you can “fit in comfortably”  AND I do care that all your religions, skin colours, languages and your cultures are used against us and force us to change this country’s cultures and traditions that have been in place long before you came to our country.  I have a problem with our immigrants getting a vote in in this country after having only been here for a fairly short period of time.  And the problem is magnified when after becoming a Canadian citizen they can hold political office. No wonder financial decisions are made sending the money from Canada’s already empty coffers to other countries. They are definitely speaking for the masses.  The masses are their own people from their home countries.  I am not prejudice or racist, I just think we have lost sight of who should be running our country and that is the people who have invested in this country by living here  and invested in this country for the long haul. There should be more stringent rules pertaining to the length of time you need to live in this country before you can start making decisions on behalf of this country.  Four years does not cut it!

Well that was definitely a rant!  Probably one that should be done by more and maybe the someone’s higher up would start listening.  Everybody thinks they need to be so politically correct.  How’s that worked out for us?  We have freedom of speech for a reason folks.  You all have the right to be heard.

Ok, additional food for thought where the voices of the people could count….if American Idol, The Voice, Canadian Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc., can bring the entire country on board when it comes time to vote for the best singer, dancer, talented whatever, then why can we not utilize that same technology and vote on the issues at hand.  Why do we still have to have paper ballots and why does it have to cost millions and billions to get decisions for elections and referendums.  Why can we not use that technology  allowing the people of Canada to have their say individually.  Before our prime minister says “yep let’s help girls around the world” would it not be great if Canadians could say yep lets do that or nope lets help our own first.  Mr. Trudeau promised that he would have a look at the way the voting system was laid out.  I guess he never promised to make any changes but I don’t think he has even had a look.  An additional issue is  that only two provinces really speak for this entire country. And that’s not right either!

We all know that, we have been saying it for years but what is it going take to change that.  We all need to throw political correctness to the wind and start saying it out loud.  Loud enough that they hear all of us in Ottawa!  Our country is governed by one small piece of the pie.  We need to find a way to make the rest of the pie count.  And we need to make sure we are educating our children to do their research.  Don’t leave the governing of our country to a just a few.  That’s my rant! And my editorial opinion!

Change starts with each of us.  Change start with you!

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.  Barack Obama

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