Reeve’s Message – October

Fall has officially arrived, but it feels like old man Winter has beaten him to it. The accumulation of snow has made it anything but favorable for the farmers across the province. We are hoping that the sunshine and milder temperatures will help farmers get their crops off the fields and better prepare for the winter ahead. As we move forward into fall, Council has met with Northern Gateway Public School Division to discuss the current Rural Student Funding Model and how it is not acceptable for today’s rural students. Lac Ste. Anne County Council plans to work in conjunction with the Northern Gateway Public School Division to lobby the Provincial Government to help produce a new funding model that will better represent Rural Alberta.

With the upcoming legalization of Cannabis on October 17, 2018, Council continues to work alongside other municipalities from the area to prepare legislation that will work in everybody’s best interest. This is a subject that we will keep pushing forward on.

At the September 13, 2018, Council Meeting the Agriculture Services Department reported damage sustained to a bridge on Township Road 540. The damage was done while clearing out a beaver dam. Administration completed an internal review after the event and it was determined that all safety procedures and practices were followed. There was only a minimal charge used for this process, which is common practice for the Agriculture Services Department as there is no mechanical way to get underneath a bridge to clear out a beaver dam.

Some members of our Council are off to the Alberta Urban Municipality Some members of our Council are off to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Convention in Red Deer, AB this week to meet with other Municipalities and Provincial Ministers to discuss various topics of concern and interest for all Albertans. We look forward to bringing this information back to Lac Ste. Anne.

On behalf of the Lac Ste. Anne County Council I would like to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Take time to kick back and relax with your families.

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