Reeve’s Message

The phrase the “Dog Days” of summer (or better known as the hottest, most humid days of summer) comes to mind as we enter into the month of August. I hope that everyone has taken the opportunities to get out and enjoy some of the great activities Lac Ste. Anne County has to offer, whether it is spending time out on one of the many lakes with friends and family, camping in one of the County owned campgrounds (Lessard Lake Public Campground, Paddle River Dam Campground or the Sangudo Riverside Campground), or attending one of the many parades and fair days, there is always something to do in the County during the summer months.


The Summer Adventure Guide filled with all of the Summer Children’s Special Programs, Drop-In Programs, Kinder and Youth Camps and Day Trips is posted on the website. Make sure you check it out and get your young ones registered into one of the these fantastic summer programs!

Public Works

As always, the Public Works department has been going flat out as they continue to work on the construction and culvert replacement on Twp Road 544. The paving project has been completed on Range Road 21 and most of Twp. Road 544, except for the bridge. We are also proud to report that we have completed the joint paving project with the Town of Onoway on 47th Avenue. We have opened the tenders for the proposed paving projects completed for the Paddle River Dam, Riverside Campground and Twp. Road 540. We hope to have these approved within the next month.

Fire Services

Council along with the Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services are pleased with the arrival and set-up of the two Fire Training facilities at the Emergency Response Center at 4814-42 Avenue in Mayerthorpe and at the second facility Ste. Anne East Fire Station at 2317 Township Road 545 in Lac Ste. Anne County. These new purpose-built facilities are designed to support the diverse training needs of multiple Fire Stations in the region. We are appreciative to our corporate For-Profit and Not-for-Profit sponsors for these projects, in addition to the Town of Mayerthorpe for its partnership for the Mayerthorpe site.

Well, finally I want to extend my well-wishes out to all of the farmers in the area that are hard at work trying to getting their hay up in-spite of the weather. Hopefully August will bring some good rains and better second cuts.

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