Song of the Month – Editorial

So it has come to my attention and most likely yours as well that our newly elected UCP candidate, Dale Johnson, for Lac Ste. Anne/Parkland County riding, has been disqualified for sins of the past. Oddly enough that seems to be the song of the month for the UCP Party. More than one candidate has been disqualified and it would seem that although it has not happened yet, folks are screaming that at least one more should be on that chopping block. I am not going to go into details of Dale’s banishment, you can research that on the internet yourself if your interested. Now I would have expected in this case that the runner up in the election should have gotten the candidacy but apparently that is not how the game is played. We are waiting for nominations to open yet again for this riding and I know I am hoping to see a bit more political correctness and integrity in this next race. I have been a conservative girl for a long time and I am feeling very disillusioned with the UCP. They need to reassess their rules and policies for nominees and it would appear that a more stringent screening process be applied and should apply to all political parties. Perhaps then we might be able to avoid the splashy headlines announcing embarrassing and humiliating pasts – embarassing not only to the candidate but to the party as well. The UCP needs to call a family meeting and remind the kids how to behave in public and perhaps remind them not so gently of the rule our parents taught us…Sticks and stones, or maybe the other rule…If you can’t say something nice, then maybe just shut up!

That is my short but opinionated point of view this month!

On a lighter note, I would like to wish all my readers and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on all  the wonderful blessings in your life. I know I will be. Although
we all, myself included have our moments of complaint, we need to remember we live in an beautiful and amazing country. Although we have poverty, most of our poverty is no where near that of other countries,
although we have troubling politics, it is nothing like many countries who are in all out war! We have freedom here that many will never get to experience like freedom of speech, religion beliefs political choice, the
privilege of advanced education, gender equality more so than many places, and the list of reasons to be thankful goes on and on. Maybe this weekend we could remind ourselves of the things each of us has to be thankful for. God bless you all!

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